The Story

how it all began...

Hi! I'm Christine and I love weddings. Like, not in the normal way everyone "loves weddings". As in, I get emotional at the weddings of people I barely know. When I watch them commit to love and stick with each other forever, I'm a sappy mess.

For my own wedding, I had it all together. Well, the details, at least, not my emotions. I had the plans in place. I had the timeline ready. I even had one of my aunts take the lead on orchestrating the processional and cuing the wedding party. I forgot one thing. Other than the processional, who the heck was going to make sure all these people know what to do and when??? You can imagine how many questions everyone kept asking me on my wedding day. When are pictures? Where do the groomsmen need to wait? What time was the cake supposed to arrive? (It was late, by the way.) Sure, I had someone to head up the processional, but all of the other details I had planned were known by no one other than my mom and I. I made the mistake so many other brides make. I forgot to plan for my plans. There was no one but my mom and I to make sure the plans went well, according to plan. This is the only thing I would change about my wedding.

Several years, and 2 sweet and chaotically awesome sons later, I still love weddings just as much as I always have. The only difference is that now, I get to help brides who are great planners sit back and enjoy their wedding day so they can start off their marriage without stress and being able to focus on the incredible commitment they are making to love and stick with their husband forever. *Cue my sappy tears*


Why "Pretty Peony Weddings"?

Why “Pretty Peony Weddings”? I’m an Indiana girl who loves to garden. Guess what happens to be my favorite flower and the state flower of my beloved Indiana? You’re right, the peony! But it goes deeper than that. Peonies are not only beautiful, they can also live over 100 years old when properly cared for. Your wedding is just the beginning. At Pretty Peony Weddings, it’s not just about the wedding day. It’s about building the foundation for a beautiful marriage that will last a lifetime. I love weddings, but I’m even more passionate about marriage. Selfless, sacrificing, joy-filled marriage. A marriage that is about each person putting the other’s needs above their own, giving 100/100, not 50/50. With the stress taken out of your wedding day, you will be free to focus on your marriage. Let’s plant something that will last a lifetime and more.