Whitney & Tim

The Henry Clay,          Louisville KY

Christine was amazing, and I don't know what we would have done without her for our wedding! She made every part of our planning process easier from the moment she started helping us. I only wish I would have asked her to be involved sooner. Christine is so prepared, and we benefited tremendously from her experience. My husband and I were planning our wedding from another city, and with our work schedules and traveling to and from Kentucky for various pre-wedding activities, the entire process was becoming too much. Christine just took all of the stress out of it. She was flexible and worked with us over the phone and via email. She made sure we were thinking of every little detail -- to the extent we wanted to. I was so confident we were not forgetting anything and, while I'm sure there were plenty of issues on the day itself, I never heard about any of them. But best of all, so many of our family and friends who were a part of our rehearsal and wedding day made a point to tell me how friendly and helpful Christine had been. I can't thank her enough for making the weekend special for them as well!

Rachael & Matt

The Seelbach Hotel,      Louisville KY

Christine is AMAZING!!! I first met Christine 3 weeks before my wedding when our church recommended we use her for our ceremony. We met in a coffee shop to go over details for the ceremony and after about 5 minutes I looked at Matt and we both knew we would be hiring her for our entire day. She asked me questions and caught little problems that I never would have thought of until it was too late. The weeks before the wedding she continually asked me what I needed (she even went out and found last minute babysitters for my sisters) and sent me sweet texts reminding me to relax and enjoy all the festivities leading up to the big day. When she came to the rehearsal and wedding, she had asked me so many questions she knew exactly what I wanted and when she told everyone at rehearsal to come to her with any issues or problems (not me) I felt very relaxed, knowing I was in great hands. I would highly recommend Christine to any Bride.