The Beginning of Pretty Peony Weddings, Louisville & So. Indiana Wedding Coordinator

Hello! Welcome to Pretty Peony Weddings! I’m Christine Landis and Pretty Peony is my baby. Before I get to that, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a lover of all things colorful (but you’d never guess it by my incredibly neutral wardrobe), a donut connoisseur, and an avid coffee drinker. I love Jesus, my husband, Charlie, and our two sons like crazy. I am a former high school art teacher turned stay-at-home mom who can’t handle a messy house because my brain won’t function if there is external clutter. Weird, I know. I love exploring new cities, discovering local restaurants, and baking all the desserts you can think of.

I have always loved weddings. I have vivid memories of attending the wedding of one of my aunts when I was about eight years old. I remember what I wore, what the venue looked like, dancing at the reception, and taking photos with my cousins using the little disposable cameras they had on the reception tables for the guests. I was hooked early and it hasn’t changed since. From planning my own wedding, to coordinating weddings for friends and family, I never get tired of it.

Almost 2 years ago, I got an opportunity through our church to become a wedding coordinator. It was a perfect fit. I was able to combine my love for weddings, my art background, and my organizational skills all into one job that let me continue to stay home with my kids. Score! I enjoyed coordinating so much that I decided to launch my own business so I could have more opportunities to serve couples and do what I love. This led to the birth of Pretty Peony Weddings, my own wedding coordinating business to take care of your big day.

All too often, I have attended weddings where the bride was an excellent planner but did not have anyone to run the show come wedding day. Trust me, you don’t want to spend your wedding day answering questions and being the schedule manager. You don’t want to be the one who has to call the caterer who is late or figure out what to do when the vase for one of the centerpieces breaks. In fact, I would go so far as to say you shouldn’t even have to know these things have happened. You want the peace of mind of knowing you have someone who is there for you, making sure everything is running smoothly, and any kinks are worked out before you even know they exist.

You have spent a huge amount of time planning for your wedding. You want someone handling your plans with the same care that you have. I coordinate weddings because I love to, not because I have to. I have a unique combination of right-brain creativity and left-brain organization skills that will let me make your wedding day so fun! I want you to enjoy your wedding. I want you to know your wedding party is where they need to be, your photographer has time for all your pictures, and your wheelchair-bound grandma is seated comfortably. I want you to be able to take in every tiny moment and detail because you know all your plans are being implemented just how you imagined. I want you to focus on marrying your husband and the beautiful family you are creating because, as much as I love weddings, I love marriage even more. Marriage is an incredible thing! Being able to walk alongside a couple while they commit to a lifetime together and cross the bridge from engaged to married is amazing. One minute you are two separate people, the next, you are a family. Pretty incredible. But more on that another time. My hope is to give you a stress-free beginning to a wonderful journey that lasts a lifetime.

Let’s talk about your wedding!